It takes 10 years to grow a tree and 100 years to shape a man — Chinese Proverb

SIA & SIA LAWYERS was established by Song Poh Sia (Peter) in 1999. Over the years, Peter has carefully selected a legal team to reflect and further the values of the firm. We believe in investing in the best people for the best practice. 

As a youthful, confident and energetic firm, we thrive on finding legal answers to challenging commercial and perperty issues. We are extremely active in the Brisbane’s commercial and property sector, and highly regarded as one of the best particularly in the Asian legal communities. 

We pride ourselves on providing simple, accurate and timely legal advice to our clients. Our legal advice is commercially and culturally sensitive to the particular needs of individual clients. Consequently, we are particularly well respected by Brisbane’s Asian investment sector. 

Our firm has established necessary affiliations with like-minded firms both interstate and overseas. We also retain independent counsel whenever required; to facilitate the legal needs of our clients.